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Informations du Fichier
Nom du Fichier FlashVSI Bot 2.1 EN proposé par C•Dryk™
Proposé 04/04/2008, 02:15
Dernière mise à jour 04/04/2008, 02:15
Type de fichier Type de fichier (zip - application/zip)
Aperçu Cliquez ici pour l'aperçu en plein écran
Taille du fichier 3.54 Mo (Durée de téléchargement estimée)
Vues 15382
Téléchargements 873
FlashVSI Bot is not, truely speaking, a bot but a "ready to use" solution, which associates a nicely designed mIRC 6.16 (using C-Dryk's mircbar and xpopups), optimized and configured for using the FlashVSI connection. This is a pretty good example of how to integrate FlashVSI in others Bots / Scripts.

FlashVSI is a full mIRC connection for VSIXc Chat Network, which includes many tools. It allows you to manage your VSIXc identities, to configure your user preferences, and provides many options similar to the VSIXc OCX. You can also display in mIRC VSIXc users colors roughly rendered from the whole html color palette. FlashVSI includes a font stripper which allows you to cleanly get users messages, as well as a font formatter (message encoder) for the VSIXc OCX, which allows you to send messages using custom font, styles and colors. The FlashVSI connection and its components are available in many languages (English, French and Dutch at this time). Other tools are included for scripters, add-on developers, and anyone who wish to adapt their bot for the VSIXc Chat Network using FlashVSI. A full and multi-lingual help is also available in MS HTML Help format.

Version 2.1 - 03/27/2008
• Many major changes due to the new VSIXc Chat server software.
• New management methods for raws 319 and 352 due to major changes.
• Enhanced connection and hashtables management.
• Modified $vsix.get and cached information to deal with the new server.
• The start wizard now lets you configure FlashVSI easily.
• The /PASS command has been adapted to be used on the status and on channels.
• New popup menus handling, now they can be stripped.
• Anti-Ghost function (beta-released) which helps resolving conflicts/ghosts.
• Added complete management for the /nick command and for information processing.
• Added customizable themes for FlashVSI and completely relooked all menus!
• Added preferred language information management in users profiles.
• FlashVSI now displays the state of all room modes (even for OPerators modes).
• New progress bar indicating when the script works in background.
• Added new signals and an automatical /whois (completes the automatical /who information).
• Integrated all codes easing the use of the XPopup library (DLL).

See WhatsNew_EN.txt in the Zip file for informations about old versions.
Autres Informations
Support Cliquez ici pour visiter le support
Auteur C•Dryk™ & Lievre2mars
Version 2.1
Langage Aucune information
Révision Final Version
Licence Apache 2.0 License

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